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Finishing apartments in Grand Park Pipera

Because we respect our customers, the Grand Park Pipera Residence complex provides you with absolutely every detail that attests to the high quality of the works. You can always check their status by following on the site the dedicated section that is periodically updated with images from the site, or you can visit us and discuss with our team of engineers and architects related to any detail of our constructions.

Construction and common areas

The building structure is made out of reinforced concrete such as raft foundations, diaphragms and solid slabs, respecting the most rigorous requirements regarding resistance and stability. The slabs are 20 cm thick with ring beam.

The external walls are 25 cm masonry walls (ceramic hallow blocks) cladded externally with a 10 cm polystyrene insulation layer and internally with a 5 cm rock wool insulation and soundproof layer. The rock wool is plated with gypsum board (drywall). Therefore, the total wall thickness will be aprox 41 cm.

The common partition walls are two types: the walls separating common areas (stairways) from the flats (20 cm ceramic bricks masonry) and the walls separating the flats (25 cm ceramic bricks masonry). Following the same pattern, they are coated/lined for soundproofing with the rock wool layer.

The partition walls inside each flat unit are made out of double layer drywall fixed to wall steel structure with a total thickness of 10 cm. These walls are also insulated with sound proof internal rock wool core.

The screeding is self leveling and made of a gypsum based self leveling compound.

The windows joinery is aluminum framed, grey color with triple glazed windows.

The balconies are between 1.35 m to 1.60 m wide. The floor finishing is represented by floating 2 cm thick ceramic tiles laid on plots at top floors or on sand bed on ground floor. They are mad in Italy. The handrail is made of glass and aluminum panels - type BOND.

The staircase has false ceilings made from drywall which include the LED lighting system activated by motion sensors. Internal staircase will be finished with heavy duty - high foot traffic floor tiles, designed for durability and produced in Italy.

The garage will be situated at the basement levels. Here we provide a polished concrete flooring, rock wool coated ceiling and the walls are painted in oil base or epoxy paint.

The residential complex will benefit, in the basement, from a recreational area equipped with:
- heated swimming pool,
- Finnish sauna
- fitness area.

The elevator’s brand is KONE and it has a capacity of 7 persons.

Video surveillance - to increase security, the access area and the spaces around the building will be video surveillance.

All flats are provided with video intercom.

Standard finishes and features

We provide each flat with security entrance doors of anthracite gray color - brand Superlock, Luxury version.

All flats windows are provided with automated electrical roller shutters.

We provide an underfloor heating system for the flats which is powered by a central heating unit - brand Viessmann. This is located at the 4th floor of each block. The energy consumption will be metered and monitored independently for each flat unit.

The construction method, as well as all the standard endowments give all the apartments a class A energy certification.

There is no main gas connection available to the development and as such the kitchen stove and oven will be electrical.

Every apartment has inbuilt air conditioning infrastructure. Power supply, and freon and condensation pipe will be in place.

Video Intercom - All flats are provided with video intercom.

Optional finishing

For an exclusive and personalized design you can opt for 3 finishing and arrangement options:

1. You bring your own imprint on your apartment with your team

2. Choose one of the finishing packages proposed by our Customer Care team and which can be viewed in our showrooms that will be arranged until November 23, 2020:

  • Timber flooring - triple layered (heavy duty 1.4 cm thick) are available in 2 selections (BEFAG LONDON and BEFAG TALLIN) with a warranty of 21 years for the structure and 5 years for finish;
  • - The internal doors - brand Grauthoff - Germany , made from HGM and painted with ecologic paint and provided with a silent closing mechanism;
  • The appliances (sockets and switches) will be Biticino (Legrand), Living Light range in gray - both keys and frames;
  • - Interior wall painting will be available in white waterbased paint or another 2 color selections as selected by our architects.
  •  - Ceramic tiles ATLAS CONCORDE, Italian made. They will be supplied and installed in bathrooms, kitchen flooring and entrance halls. Two color selections will be available for kitchens and entrance halls - matching with the timber floor colors - and customers will be able to choose from 3 available types of finishes. Note: out of the desire not to restrict the options for choosing the kitchen furniture, it will not have the tiles installed.
  • - All bathroom fixtures are made in Spain. We will use brands like Villeroy&Boch for wash basin, bathtube and toilet bowl and Kludi for bathroom accessories and faucets. A ceiling ventilation fan will be supplied and installed, independently operated from the wall switch.



Optional features

The owner can request the installation of air conditioners on the already existing infrastructure, through the partner company CLIMAVENT CONSTRUCT SRL. The price list for them is available for each apartment.

The heating installation is recirculated in each apartment, this allowing the installation, optionally, of the temperature control system in each room.

Some parking lots can be equipped with sockets for charging electric cars (slow charging, 3.5 kW).